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Basaran, D.; Genest, A.; Rosch, N. 
Comment on "Towards understanding the bifunctional hydrodeoxygenation and aqueous phase reforming of glycerol" J. Catal. 269 (2010) 411-420 
A recent experimental study of 1- and 2-propanol in water feed over Pt/Al2O3 yielded dehydrogenation of 2-propanol to acetone, but formation of CO2 and ethane from 1-propanol. To rationalize this reactivity difference of primary and secondary alcohols, we explored computationally the dehydrogenation of land 2-propanol over Pt(111) as model. As product of 2-propanol, our calculations confirm acetone which adsorbs only weakly; thus, desorption occurs readily as the subsequent dehydrogenation woul...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 915RX Times Cited: 5 Cited Reference Count: 14 Basaran, Duygu Genest, Alexander Roesch, Notker Kang, Zhai/G-8010-2012 5 Academic press inc elsevier science San diego 
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Journal of Catalysis 
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