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Sun, LD; Xiao, FL; Li, Y; Zhou, WM; Tang, HY; Tang, XF; Zhang, H; Schaarschmidt, H; Zuo, XB; Foelster-Holst, R; He, SM; Shi, M; Liu, Q; Lv, YM; Chen, XL; Zhu, KJ; Guo, YF; Hu, DY; Li, M; Li, M; Zhang, YH; Zhang, X; Tang, JP; Guo, BR; Wang, H; Liu, Y; Zou, XY; Zhou, FS; Liu, XY; Chen, G; Ma, L; Zhang, SM; Jiang, AP; Zheng, XD; Gao, XH; Li, P; Tu, CX; Yin, XY; Han, XP; Ren, YQ; Song, SP; Lu, ZY; Zhang, XL; Cui, Y; Chang, J; Gao, M; Luo, XY; Wang, PG; Dai, X; Su, W; Li, H; Shen, CP; Liu, SX; Feng,...    »
Genome-wide association study identifies two new susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis in the Chinese Han population. 
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, relapsing form of inflammatory skin disorder that is affected by genetic and environmental factors. We performed a genome-wide association study of atopic dermatitis in a Chinese Han population using 1,012 affected individuals (cases) and 1,362 controls followed by a replication study in an additional 3,624 cases and 12,197 controls of Chinese Han ethnicity, as well as 1,806 cases and 3,256 controls from Germany. We identified previously undescribed susceptibility...    »
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Nat Genet 
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Klinik und Poliklinik für Dermatologie und Allergologie