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Dembek, CJ; Kutscher, S; Heltai, S; Allgayer, S; Biswas, P; Ghezzi, S; Vicenzi, E; Hoffmann, D; Reitmeir, P; Tambussi, G; Bogner, JR; Lusso, P; Stellbrink, HJ; Santagostino, E; Vollbrecht, T; Goebel, FD; Protzer, U; Draenert, R; Tinelli, M; Poli, G; Erfle, V; Malnati, M; Cosma, A 
Nef-specific CD45RA+ CD8+ T cells secreting MIP-1beta but not IFN-gamma are associated with nonprogressive HIV-1 infection. 
ABSTRACT:Long-term survival of HIV-1 infected individuals is usually achieved by continuous administration of combination antiretroviral therapy (ART). An exception to this scenario is represented by HIV-1 infected nonprogressors (NP) which maintain relatively high circulating CD4+ T cells without clinical symptoms for several years in the absence of ART. Several lines of evidence indicate an important role of the T-cell response in the modulation of HIV-1 infection during the acute and chronic...    »
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AIDS Res Ther 
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Institut für Virologie