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Landt, S; Jeschke, S; Koeninger, A; Thomas, A; Heusner, T; Korlach, S; Ulm, K; Schmidt, P; Blohmer, JU; Lichtenegger, W; Sehouli, J; Kuemmel, S 
Tumor-specific correlation of tumor M2 pyruvate kinase in pre-invasive, invasive and recurrent cervical cancer. 
The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic value of tumor M2 pyrurate kinase (Tu-M2-PK) as a tumor marker in patients with pre-invasive (CIN), invasive (PCC) and recurrent (RCC) cervical cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Plasma samples were investigated from 125 patients, comprising 50 cases of CIN (I-III), 51 of PCC (FIGO I-IV) and 24 of RCC, before treatment. Tu-M2-PK levels were determined by using a quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay. RESULTS: With the increase in disease severity from CIN to PCC to RCC, levels of Tu-M2-PK significantly increased (p<0.001). Levels of Tu-M2-PK significantly increased with respect to the FIGO stage (p<0.001) and had significantly higher values in node+ patients (p=0.028). There was no significant difference in Tu-M2-PK levels in CIN I-III patients (p=0.626). Patients with distant metastasis had significantly elevated levels of Tu-M2-PK (p<0.001). CONCLUSION: Tu-M2-PK can be used as a marker to differentiate between malignant and premalignant cervical lesions. In addition, the concentration of Tu-M2-PK correlates with the clinical stage of the disease. 
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Anticancer Res 
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Institut für Medizinische Statistik und Epidemiologie